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2016-2017 新产品:Dekati® eFilter™

Dekati® eFilter™

2016-2017 新产品(自动数目浓度量测及47 mm滤纸

is completely new instrument that adds real-time PM detection into a standard gravimetric filter holder. The Dekati® eFilter™ assembly is approximately the same size as a normal PM  filter holder and it fits directly into all existing exhaust PM filter sampling systems including CVS tunnels.  In addition to the standard gravimetric filter measurement, the Dekati® eFilter™ gives a real-time signal throughout the filter sampling period which allows monitoring PM accumulation on the filter during different  stages of the filter sampling. This real-time signal changes the standard filter holder into a sensitive,  dynamic measurement instrument for modern routine emission measurements.

(1) ELPI+™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) *** 可携式带电低压冲击器监测仪***

ELPI+™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor)

a new, improved version of the widely used and well characterized ELPI system.

ELPI+™ enables measurement of real-time particle size distribution and concentration in the size range of 6nm - 10μm with 10Hz sampling rate. The ELPI+™ features include real-time stand-alone operation, wide sample concentration range, wide particle size range and robust structure for operation even in harsh conditions. The use of impactor technology enables post-measurement chemical analysis of size classified particles. In addition to gaining real-time particle size distribution data, the ELPI+™ can be used for real-time particle charge distribution and gravimetric impactor measurements. All these features enable the use of the ELPI+™ instrument in wide range of particle measurement applications including combustion aerosol and engine exhaust studies, pharmaceutical inhaler development, air quality monitoring and general aerosol research.

ELPI+  features include:

  • Wide particle size range; 6nm – 10μm
  • 14 particle size fractions
  • 10Hz sampling rate
  • Possibility to collect size classified particles for chemical analysis
  • Wide operational concentration range
  • Independent stand-alone operation or control via laptop using ELPI+VI software
  • Large 7」 WVGA display with graphic user interface
  • Analogue inputs and outputs


(4) DMM (Dekati Mass Monitor) *** 车辆排气微粒质量浓度监测仪***

DMM, Dekati® Mass Monitor, is a real-time instrument for diesel and gasoline vehicle PM (Particulate Matter) emission measurements. Used either with a tailpipe sampling system or existing CVS tunnel it provides second-by-second information about vehicle PM mass and number emission. 

Despite the discussed number-based measurement standards the mass emission is still the basis of all regulatory measurements. Conventional PM measurements are based on particulate mass measurement with a gravimetric filter, resulting only in a total, cumulative mass emission. Real-time data from DMM provides second-by-second information about particle total mass during accelerations, decelerations and different speed points immediately during the measurement. In addition to particle mass concentration, DMM also provides information on particle number concentration.

Since the instrument is intended for daily routine usage special attention has been paid for usability issues. Ease of use, reliability and integration to test cell information and data logging systems have not compromised the accuracy and sensitivity of this system. DMM is developed so that the detection limit is as low as 1 µg/m3, time response 2-3 seconds and repeatability is better than with gravimetric measurement.

DMM provides:

  • Real-time particle mass concentration
  • Real-time particle number concentration
  • MMD (Mass median diameter)

(5) DLPI (Dekati Low Pressure Impactor) *** 低压冲击式采样器***

DLPI (Dekati® Low Pressure Impactor) is a cascade low pressure impactor to classify airborne particles into 13 size fractions. The size classification is made from 30 nm up to 10 µm with evenly distributed impactor stages. Additional back-up filter can be used to collect particles smaller than 30 nm. The impactor is available with 10 and 30 l/min sample flow rate.

DLPI has 13-stages so particles are size classified into 13 size fraction inside the unit. The particles are collected on 25 mm collection substrates that are weighed before and after the measurement to obtain gravimetric size distribution of the particles. Other DLPI characteristics include low inter-stage wall-losses and robust yet easy-to-use operation. The rigid stainless steel construction of the DLPI makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications including power plant and vehicle emission measurements, engine blow-by measurements, air quality studies and pharmaceutical aerosol device testing. The DLPI impactor has the same design as the impactor used in the real-time particle size distribution measurement device

(6) DGI (Dekati Gravimetric Impactor) *** 车辆排气微粒分阶冲击式采样器***

DGI-1570 (Dekati® Gravimetric Impactor) is a cascade impactor designed for measuring particle size distribution from engine exhaust. It is a gravimetric impactor which can replace a standard filter holder and is therefore easy to add to existing emission measurement systems.

In DGI the size classified particles are collected on Ø47 mm substrates and analysed gravimetrically or chemically after the measurement. The nominal sample flow rate is 70 lpm which enables high sample yield even during short measurement periods.

In standard setup the DGI size classifies particles into 5 size fractions with stage cutpoints of 2.5, 1.0, 0.5 and 0.2 µm. In modified setup two lowest stages are removed and the backup filter collects particles smaller than 1 µm. The backup filter size is 70 mm in diameter.


(7) DPI (Dekati PM10 impactor) *** 烟道中微粒分阶冲击式采样器***

Dekati® PM10 impactor 符合ISO 23210 标准 。
Dekati® PM10 impactor 是一个3级式冲击器,用於大气中的颗粒物分级采集,分析品质浓度和粒径分布。
粒径分级范围为10、2.5和1 µm,若需要部分阶段可去除来做更加简单的设定。
PM10冲击器有二种不同的流速, 10或30 l/min。

(8) FPS-4000 (Dekati Fine Particle Sampler) *** 废气采样稀释调理器***

Dekati FPS-400是为燃烧或其他工业过程中测量微粒所设计的完整采样系统。通过稀释率,稀释温度和停留时间的调整,可以得到灵活并明确的取样,使从汽车排烟管或者电厂烟囱中取出的试样达到测量仪器对试样浓度和温度的要求。


FPS-4000的控制单元包括对温度和压力的测量,加热和冷却的控制,资料的采集和传输,使用标准的RS-232串列介面与电脑相连。LabVIEW 软体提供在电脑上显示资料和图形显示。这个软体可调整稀释率和加热、冷却温度的设定;还可以做连续的稀释参数监测与即时的稀释率计算,软体显示测量数值并存储资料到用户指定的档中。


(9) DEED (Dekati Engine Exhaust Diluter ) *** 引擎废气监测稀释器***

DEED是新的PMP-conform 引擎尾气系统。


  • Fulfills all PMP recommendations for sample conditioning
  • Extremely low solid particle losses
    •     Long cleaning intervals
  • Simple user interface - only two operation switches
    •     High/Low dilution ratio
    •     Heating on/off
  • Always constant dilution ratio
    •     High reproducibility
  • Dilution ratio calibrated with solid particles
  • Remote AK-protocol control available

(10) DI-1000 (Dekati Diluter) *** 简易型废气稀释器***

针对气胶微粒与气体样本的稀释,Dekati® Diluter DI-1000 是较便宜、简单且容易操作之设备。 不锈钢的设计使它针对气胶微粒的稀释能应用的更加广泛。
Dekati® Diluter稀释比率为1:8。

(2) ELPI *** 带电低压冲击器监测仪***_已经停产

      带电低压冲击器监测仪(ELPI)可即时测量范围在30nm到10μm 的颗粒物分布和粒数浓度。ELPI 可以应用在任何颗粒物分布范围很大并且要求快速反应的场合。包括燃烧时产生的颗粒研究,筛检程式测试和一般的气溶胶研究。



    含有颗粒的气体样品先通过一个单极电晕充电室进行充电,带电的颗粒物接著被运送到绝缘收集层的低压冲击仪上,进入每一个层面的带电颗粒物的电流,可即时的通过一个多通道精密电子测量计进行电量测量。标准的RS232 埠是为笔记本电脑或PC机提供通讯介面的。冲击仪的每一层收集板上收集到的颗粒物,是根据颗粒物的空气动力学特性,利用充电室特性和冲击仪各层的颗粒物尺寸,将电流转化为颗粒物的粒径分布。

(3) Outdoor Air ELPI *** 户外型带电低压冲击器监测仪***_已经停产

Outdoor Air ELPI™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) is a modified version of the standardELPI™ instrument. Like the standard version, the Outdoor Air ELPI™ measures airborne particle size distribution and concentration in real-time. It operates in the size range of 7 nm – 10 µm with the filter stage accessory, and can be applied to various different types of measurements where the requirements for the instrument include a wide particle size range and fast response time. The Outdoor Air version is specially designed for ambient air measurements, although it can be used in other applications as well. The operating principle  of the Outdoor Air ELPI™ is the same as that of ELPI™’s where the well-known impactor technology is combined with particle charging and electrical detection. Some features have been added to the Outdoor Air version to make it more suitable for ambient air monitoring:

  • Higher sample flow rate (30 lpm) to increase sensitivity
  • Integrated humidity and temperature sensor for monitoring the sample
  • Option for stand-alone operation

(11) Dekati Cyclone *** 烟道内旋风式微粒采样器***

The Dekati® Cyclone 是EPA标准旋风式微粒采样器,从入流口来去除大微粒。

(12) Dekati Thermodenuder *** 废气中挥发性有机物加热吸附管***

仪器的高流速使它成为一个理想的工具来与 ELPI™  (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) 和 DMM  (Dekati Mass Monitor)做结合。

(13) DAD-100 (Dekati Axial Diluter) *** 简易型轴心式稀释器***

The Dekati® Axial Diluter DAD-100 是一个简单又有效率的稀释工具。
特别设计配合Dekati仪器使用, DAD-100非常简单安装於所有采样或测量系统。